FRP Application in Building & Infrastructure Industry

The construction industry is the largest consumers of FRP composites. Construction, building and infrastructure applications need long-lasting performance. FRP composite overhaul the plastic material on mechanical stuffs. High performance FRP material even cans competition with metals. Low weight and easy installation, versatile fabrication, low maintenance cost, thermal protection and constancy, electrical insulation, durability in very corrosive environments, are the benefits of composite profiles.

Thus, Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) is widely sustainable product used in the architectural industry because of their design flexibility, high strength-to-weight ratio, non-conductivity, low maintenance, affordability, low maintenance, UV resistance, and flame retardant.

We will design, manufacture and build for your architectural and construction needs. Our specialized resins are perfect for a varied variety of architectural and construction applications such as domes, cupolas, roof structures, cornice and other types of moulding or trim, wall coverings, wall panels. Also we offer structural components such as decking, walkways, handrails etc.