FRP in Chemical Industry

We have supreme design aptitude that can provide product development and support. At Saiplus Composites we can make new products as well as assistance with perfections. Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) is widely used in the chemical treating industry because of their reliability, affordability, low maintenance, strength, and design flexibility.

FRP has a many advantage over metals gratings, such as lower installation costs, reduced maintenance, and long service life proven—with over 50 years of successful working experience at many plants/ around the globe. More prominently, FRP is recognized as having greater corrosion resistance and graze resistance when compared to specialty metals, in rigorous chemical plants or environments.

In the chemical plants FRP are typically used for pipes, ductwork, storage tanks, absorption towers, drying towers, solvent extraction vessels, gas scrubbers, packed reaction columns, pressure vessels, process reaction vessels, stacks, process containment equipment, packing support systems, packed bed distributors etc.

FRP are developed worldwide for applications in biological transformation and fertilizer, petrochemical and mineral plants. They can be used in parting practices such as filtration, sedimentation, extraction, distillation, precipitation, drying, and adsorption.