FRP Application in Electrical Industry

One of the best characters about fibreglass is that it does not conduct electricity.

It is for this reason that electric stations are using FRP handrails, FRP Gratings and other FRP products. Traditional materials, these handrails enjoy a longer design life when exposed to the elements. With the requirement for a quick change, the FRP handrails and gratings were readily available and easily manufactured and assembled onsite without the need for complicated tools and a hot works permit.

We offer great products that will perform well in a variety of industrial and municipal electric utility applications

While the product requirements are varied in the electric industry, many choose FRP products over wood, steel and concrete poles for applications where lightweight, limited access and corrosion resistance are important. While you are working on infrastructure improvement or adding capacity, composites are the most cost-effective materials choice, with the longest life successions when matched to conventional materials of equal sizes

Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP) are widely used in the electric utility industry because of their, high strength, non-conductivity, low maintenance, affordability, UV resistance, and flame retardant qualities.