FRP Application in Mining & Minerals Industry

We can provide exclusive solution for your mining and minerals industry with cost-effective and high performance grating products. If you are in extraction or processing of basic metals and minerals such as zinc, manganese carbonate, cobalt, copper, and nickel FRP products are the appropriate choice for your plant.

FRP has a more advantage over metal and steel with lower installation costs, reduced maintenance, and long service life. FRP is recognized for having superior corrosion resistance, when compared to specialty metals.

In metal extraction and refining processes, FRP is normally used for pipes, tanks, absorption towers, ductwork, solvent extraction vessels, and electro winning cells. With the incorporation of the proper filler, FRP piping can deliver extraordinary durability and corrosion resistance in grainy piping.

We will design, manufacture and build grating and FRP products for your mining and mineral needs. Our specialized resins are perfect for chemical and metal processing, brine storage and transfer, filtrate treatment, ironic electrolyte storage and handling, high temperature.