FRP Moulded Grating

Saiplus Composite is committed to deliver high quality, corrosion resistant, high strength; safe and durable Fiberglass moulded gratings to its valued clients across the world.

Our products are manufactured using resin systems which are exclusively designed to give best performance without conceding on quality standards. Saiplus Fiberglass moulded gratings are high strength, light weight and can be quickly install and fabricated.



Slip/fall accidents are one of the greatest dangers in an industrial environment, costing employers both time and money. Saiplus Composite offers a wide variety of anti-slip surfaces to help Eliminate dangers.

Embedded Grit : Grit is added to the mold after the grating has been laid but not cured. Grit and resin are forced into the top of the grating and allowed to cure for a clean, durable grit surface.

Post-cure Grit : After the grating is cured and remove from the mold, grit is applied to the top of the grating with a strong adhesive. The grit surface is heat-cured with an additional top coat of adhesive for a maximum bond.

Menisus : No grit is added to the surface after the grating is removed from the mold. A natural anti-slip meniscus surfac is formed during the curing process.



Minicus antiskid

Grit top sanding antiskic


Minimesh porous

Smooth top cover

Sanding top cover

Anti-slip top cover

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