FRP Application in Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas production is on the growth. New improvements in oil and gas such as enhanced hydraulic systems have formed a new demand for robust, corrosion resistant composite FRP products. Hydraulic fracturing is viewed as one of the significant methods of extracting eccentric oil and gas. Saiplus has the capability and proficiencies to work with you on off-shore and terrestrial centred fabrication as your project needs

Saiplus has a full range of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products that are appropriate for oil and gas industry containing tanks, pipe, structural etc. FRP features such as flame retardant, corrosion resistance, high strength, nonconductive, and low maintenance make our products perfect for all kinds of oil and gas plant amenities.

Our grating composite brilliance is that we distinguish how to meet your specifications and outstrip your prospects for together time assertion and excellence. We offer superlative industry expertise and precise abilities to assist you with your particular fabrication. We have the technology and the capability to provide FRP grating and customized FRP solutions for your oil and gas plants.