FRP in Utilities & Power Industry

FRP products are now having become a standard for power plants and their piping systems. The industry becomes more aware of FRP products due to lower maintenance costs and its durability. In the past years, we also have work for power plants to improve their walkways, handrails systems, stairs and other components with the increase in price of metal products.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic has become a standard thanks to its ability to deliver loss costly structure while maintaining the security and dependability required by power plants. FRP grating is also used in many structures such as stairs, handrails systems, ladders, and other structural systems, where it allows for a safer working environment.

Our composite products are electromagnetically transparent, nonconductive and corrosion resistant. Our composites are perfect for use in cooling towers and discharge areas, as well as, around transmission structures, distribution equipment, in storage, and containment areas.

Few application area include:

  • Trench Grating
  • Walkways
  • Access ways
  • Stair treads
  • Handrail and Ladder Systems
  • Structural systems